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Week One of #OperationVegas (and Monster Dash)

Published September 8, 2014 by Jasmine



I started #OperationVegas last Tuesday in preparation for my trip to Vegas for my brother’s wedding. The training is also for the Monster Dash Half-Marathon at the end of October which for the time being is secondary to Vegas!!

My fitness goals for #OperationVegas were to do a minimum of five miles on my running days which my plan calls for three days a week; ten miles on the bike on the other four days of the week, and three days of weightlifting on my non-running days. My health goals for #OperationVegas are to track my calories, make sure to take my vitamins and supplements, drink more water,  and keep the sugar in my diet (natural or otherwise) to 40 grams or less per day.

After just a week even though I don’t look like a million dollars yet, I feel like a million dollars and am so proud of myself. In the last week I have done the following: 22 miles of running/walking (climbed 1385 feet) ; 30 miles of biking (climbed 10,973 feet); and three one hour weight lifting sessions (squats, deadlifts, and calf raises in each session). I have tracked my calories, drank more water, taken my vitamins/supplements everyday, and I have limited my sugar to 200 grams over the past seven days which means I ate 80 grams less than my goal!!

In the last seven days I have lost 2.8 pounds!! Based on my calories intake, calorie burn, and sugar reduction I thought I would have lost another .50 pound. However, I think I know what happened, and to some this will sound counter-intuitive. I don’t think I ate enough calories for all of the working out I did which is crazy. I went from feeling like I was constantly eating to now feeling like I have to force myself to eat and not eating enough calories. Part of the reason for this is that most of my calories used to come from sugary junk food. Now that I cut out sugar it’s hard to get in all those calories because my palette is still adjusting to the newer non-junk food!  I won’t focus solely on the weight loss because I know that so many of the physical changes will not be reflected on the scale, and you can never measure or weigh how STRONG one feels!

I am excited for Vegas, but I honestly can’t wait for the Monster Dash to see how all of this training pays off. I’m finally feeling healthy, strong, and on the right track. I’m still having some lingering right shin pain which I was dealing with for the last two years, but I really believe the cross-training and weight-training might eliminate the issue.

Every day I remind myself “Jasmine, you can quit anytime” and my response is “Not today!”  Stay tuned to see where I am at next week!!