Ready to Cry

Published May 5, 2011 by Jasmine

I was supposed to run seven miles yesterday, but most Wednesdays I have been taking an extra rest day. So since it was Wednesday and my right knee was bothering me I decided to rest.

Today was six miles and strength training.  My knee was still bothering me a bit, but I figured I would know when I got on the treadmill whether I would be able to run or not.  My mom is listed as my emergency contact at the gym.  I told her if you see a call come through from Lifetime you need to answer it, they will either be telling you that I am on my way to the hospital or that you need to come get me because I hurt my knee.  I was kind of joking, but oh the irony…

So I started with my strength training for a couple of reasons. First, there are some really cute guys in the free weights area and I wanted to look my best! If I would have waited until after running I would have been a dripping wet mess. Second, I have discovered that sometimes I am too exhausted to maintain proper form and actually finish the workout after I am done running. About 15 minutes into the workout I look at my heart rate monitor, and it says 78. This was comical and also pissed me off. You see my resting heart rate is between 80 and 85. Yes, I know that seems high, but after an echocardiogram the doctor determined I have a hyperdynamic heart…it beats fast for no apparent reason.  So here my heart rate monitor is telling me that after 15 minutes of lifting weights and dripping sweat that my heart rate is actually lower than my resting heart rate.  I was IRATE! I finally just turned it off.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the chest strap just needs a new battery.

On to my run.  I started out doing a new speed regimen I read about yesterday.  I was alternating 30 seconds of walking, with 30 seconds of running. Each time I ran I increased the speed by .1 on the treadmill.  Pretty simple.  Right around 1.80 miles I felt a pop in my left knee (not even the knee I was worried about) and had to grab the handrails and jump off.  I figured it was just the speed.  So I slowed down and walked for about three minutes, and decided I would try and do some slow incline running. After a couple of minutes, I had the same pain in my knee. So I did some incline walking for about 15 minutes.  Again, I tried to do some light jogging and after about four or five minutes the pain was back again. I only made it 3.50 miles. I even tried the stair climber and couldn’t do it because it was causing pain on the outside of my knee. All I wanted to do was cry, this can not be happening to me.  This is a diaster waiting to happen, as I don’t have currently have insurance. It’s not just about the running, but the weight loss as well. I am afraid that all of my hard work is going to slip away and the weight I have lost is going to return.

I have no idea what is going on.  I have been doing a lot of speed work lately, and my guess is that I am trying to push my body too fast, too soon.  I am hoping someone out there can suggest some exercises to strengthen my knees, and any other advice they may have. I will definitely be icing and elevating it today and tomorrow.  It doesn’t really hurt to walk, but every once in awhile if I put too much weight on my left leg it hurts. Going up and down stairs isn’t all that fun either. If I put my fingers on the outside of my left knee, I can feel a popping on the side of my knee every time I bend it. Anyone have any idea what this might be?  Or what could be causing this?

This is not going to get the best of me.  Hopefully, it is just a warning from my body telling me to slow down, and with some rest, ice, and ibuprofen it will be all better on Saturday.


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