Time For An Experiment

Published April 26, 2011 by Jasmine

What a nasty day today is, and it got even worse when I stepped on the scale.  I gained three pounds.  Now considering all of the ham and other salty foods I have been eating over the last three days, I am hoping this is just water weight. I burned more than the 4,000 calories I was supposed to burn this week, and I ate the number of calories I was supposed to eat. There is a chance that the weight gain could be from all the sugar I allowed myself to eat.  So since I gained three pounds, and have already eaten sugar this week I am going to do an experiment.  I am going to make sure I burn at least the 4,000 calories I need to burn, and eat the 1700-1800 calories per day I am supposed to eat.  One caveat…I am going to allow myself to eat whatever I want as long as I stay within my 1700-1800 calories.

When I started this 90 day weight loss challenge, I made two drastic changes. 1) I drastically lowered the number of calories I was eating per day (I was eating anywhere from 2500-3500 calories a day.  This is what happens when you don’t track what you eat. I dare you to keep track of the calories in everything you eat for a week…you will be amazed at what you are consuming.  If you want a double dare, keep track of the grams of sugar you eat as well.); and 2) I cut out refined sugar, white flour, and packaged foods. (I went from eating 150-250 grams of sugar a day, to averaging between 40-45 grams a day.)  The good news is that by doing these two things and working out, I was consistently losing weight.  I lost the most that first week to two weeks, most likely because it was a shock to my body.  My eating/workout plan was designed so that I would lose two pounds a week.  In four weeks, I lost 13 pounds.  So even with the three pounds that I have gained, I am still on track with my weight loss as this is just the beginning of week five.

What my experiment is designed to find out is would I continue to lose weight if I simply stayed within my alloted calories for the day, irregardless of what I eat.  I have received conflicting opinions from different trainers based on their individual philosophies. I know sugar isn’t good for you, but I like sugar. It makes me feel good, and it makes me happy. Feeling like I am finally getting into the best shape of my life and being able to run, also make me feel good and make me happy.  There has to be a middle ground, because all or nothing isn’t going to work for me long-term.  I knew when I started this 90 day weight loss challenge that I wasn’t giving up sugar forever.  I don’t want to give up sugar forever.  There is a social aspect to sugar…giving up sugar would mean that I couldn’t ever go out for a drink with friends, I can’t enjoy Christmas cookies at Christmas, and I can’t ever have a piece of birthday cake.  I am not willing to make those sacrifices forever, but I am willing to work my butt off at the gym.

My transformation is so much more than this 90 day weight loss challenge, it is about my life.  I would love to be one of my friends or family who can just eat whatever they want, never having to measure or weigh their food.  This is where the middle ground comes in…I am willing to do that if I can just eat what I want.  Life is too short.  I want to be HAPPY and HEALTHY, not HEALTHY, OBSESSIVE, and SAD.

So if by next Tuesday I have not lost any weight, then I will go back to no sugar for the rest of the 90 day weight loss challenge because I know that works.  Although I know I will not lose all the weight that I need to in these 90 days, my goal is to see a number on the scale that starts with a “1” and not a “2”.  It’s been a long time.

Oh yeah, I did run today!  Today was a decent five miles, not hard but not easy.  My glutes and my calves were sore from my run on Sunday.  I am excited for tomorrow because I get a new strength training routine!


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