Easy Day…4 Miles plus Jelly Beans!

Published April 23, 2011 by Jasmine

Wow, can’t believe I just said four miles is an easy day!  I guess when I put it in perspective with the rest of the week, it is easy.  Tomorrow will be my furthest run yet…nine miles.  I am a little stressed out about it, but am going to relax the rest of the day and not think about it.

I achieved my fastest pace today!  I was aiming for a 12 minute mile average for the four miles.  I surpassed my own goal, by 20 seconds per mile!!  My average pace was 11:40 per mile, and I finished in 46:39.  Will I be able to keep this pace for nine miles tomorrow?  NO, but that is okay.  I am not worried about speed for the marathon, as my only goal is to finish.  However, on my easier four-five mile runs I am going to work on speed as this will make my marathon pace seem easier.

Some are going to be disappointed in me, some are going to feel I am making a big mistake, and some might be angry with me, but I am having some Easter candy today.  I have gone 27 days without candy, baked goods, packaged foods, rice, and white bread/flour.  When I started this I told myself that I was going to eat Easter candy.  Even though Easter is tomorrow, I am going to eat it today.  Since I am running nine miles tomorrow, my body will be converting  this into energy to fuel my run. I have to say that I am pretty excited to have some candy as it is one of my favorite things, but I am also a little nervous.  I am nervous that my “addiction” is going to start all over again, that I might not have enough self-discipline to not eat candy tomorrow and the next day, that instead of continuing to lose weight I will gain, and that others may think I am a failure.  Well I am not a failure, and it is just one day.


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